Visorclear™ is the name of the group of Salclear products targetted specifically for use on visors, eyeshields and protective eyewear of any sort including:

The Visorclear™ range comprises of:

- high performance water and oil repellent spray fluid - Salclear TT-X

- humidity and wash resistant anti fog/antimist/defog - Salclear TT

- handy and efficient antifogs and cleaning fluids - Salclear DMist and DMist+

- quality microfibre visor cloth

The Visorclear™ range has an established pedigree in the treatment of visors for Grand Prix motorcycle racing, and has been used for many years by competitors in the famous Isle of Man TT races, from which the products TT and TT-X take their name.

Developed for the most extreme uses and environments, the Viscorclear™ range ensures clear and unobscured vision on all types of visors including motorbike visors, football visors and ice hockey visors, protective eyeshields for welding and industrial purposes, police/riot control protective headwear and ballistic shields,, and high end applications such as aerospace, snow mobile and military.

Whether its high performance water/rain repellents for the exterior of the visor, or humidty and water resistant anti fogs for the interior of the visor, Salclear Visorclear™ provides the solution.

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Salclear are proud sponsors of Mr John Hulley riding on his Honda CBR 600 FSi in the Isle of Man Grand Prix 16th - 29th August 2008











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Visor cleaning, water repellent and antifog products
Standard visor, without and with Salclear TT -tested with steam
Standard visor, immersion in water for 1 hour - tested with steam
Standard visor, treated with Salclear TT and immersion in water for 1 hour - and tested with steam - a water resistant antifog!
Typical visor insert, steam resistance poor.